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Discovering Your Purpose

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Why does purpose matter?

So often we find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through social media, adrift in life, just going through the motions. Without a clear sense of purpose, we remain in our comfort zones. We allow fear to rule our lives and prevent us from stepping into our God-given destinies. 

Just as a creator imbues purpose into their creations, so too does our God (the greatest Creator) give us unique purposes. Often times discovering purpose is really all about finding your true identity first. 

For students currently in high school, discovering your purpose means opening yourself up to adventure and exploration. If I hadn't been open to writing in different mediums (playwriting, poetry, screenwriting), I might not have discovered my passion of storytelling, and my following purpose to make people feel less alone through my stories. Had I not volunteered to help out with my church's high school group, I wouldn't have discovered my calling to impact and inspire the youth. 

Purpose sparks us to life and brings us joy. There are hard moments in pursuing your purpose, of course, but at the end of the day, it shouldn't feel confusing or stressful or anxiety-inducing; it should bring joy on the deepest level. 

My mom's purpose is to be a mother. She knew that from a young age. What a beautiful purpose to embody: embarking on this journey to shape her children's lives. Even though now me and Jeremy, my brother, are young adults, her purpose of a mother doesn't end—it simply evolves as our relationship transforms as well. 

Take the time to discover and reflect on your purpose. This is not an overnight thing—it takes years, maybe even decades, to discover purpose. For example, one woman in her 70's discovered a love of running. She finds so much joy in running, and by doing what she loves, she's inspiring those in her community to find their purposes as well. It's never too late to find your purpose. 

Dare to find your purpose! 

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